How to schedule and find a scrim on Esports Planner

Pierre - September 2, 2022
Esports Planner created a scrim platform to allow teams to find scrims quickly and fully integrated with the calendar

How to create a scrim slot for the first time?

To access the scrim platform, click on the scrims link on the navigation bar
Scrim link navigation bar

1 - Join a Scrim group

What you need to do first is to join a scrim group. A scrim group regroups multiple teams and allows every member to see the scrims of everyone else. A group can either be public or private ( to join a private group you need to send an application).
So go to the group tab, then select your game, region and join a group.
Scrim groups page

2 - Create a Scrim slot

Once you joined at least one group, you can go back to the “My scrims” page and click on the “Add scrim slot” button.
Here you can select the date of your scrim for which groups is it gonna appear and add some additional information like maps, number of games, or anything else you want other teams to know.
Create scrim modal

3 - Accept Scrim offer

That’s it, your scrim is now seen by everyone, and teams can start sending you scrim offers. You can see the scrim offers you received from other teams below the “Open Scrims tab”.
Then you can choose to accept it or decline it.
Scrim upcoming offers
If you accept it the scrim event will appear automatically on your calendar, and if you set it up it will create an event on your Google Calendar too.

How to respond to scrim offers?

First, you need to join a scrim group, as explained above, a scrim group regroups multiple teams that can see your scrim offer.
To search for scrims from the groups you joined, go to the “Search” tab of the Scrim Platform.
Scrim search page
On this page is displayed every scrim offers that other teams have posted and who are looking for an opponent.
If you want to respond to an offer click on “Make an offer”, and add some precision if you want a specific map for example then click send.
Send scrim offer modal
To see your pending offers go to the “My scrims” page and tab “Offer sent”, it will give you a small recap of the team, contact info, etc.
Pending scrim offers
If the team accepts your offer we will automatically create a scrim event on your calendar and notify you via mail. It will also create a google calendar event if you set up the integration.