How to use an Event Template for your Esports team calendar

Pierre - September 16, 2022

What is an Event Template?

An Event Template is a model of a specific event you want to save. It’s especially useful for events you plan regularly. So it allows you to recreate it with one single click.
For example, you can create an event template for an esports scrim and set everything in advance like details about the event, participants, scrim groups, etc

How to create an Event Template

There are two places where you can create an event template, in the Team settings page ( Calendar/Event section ) or via the create event modal.
Let's see how we can create it from the event modal. First, click on the Add Event button on the team dashboard page, then on “Use template”.
Here, a create template button will appear, click on it.
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This form allows you to create an Event Template, choose your template name and write the information you want about the event and click save
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How to apply an Event Template

To apply a template go to the create event modal and click on Use template in the top right.
Here you will see all Templates you’ve created, simply click on the one you want to apply and it will prefill the event form.
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How to manage and update Event Templates

To manage your different templates go to the Team settings page and the Calendar/Event subsection.
Here you can create, update and manage templates.
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