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The scrim platform of Esports Planner helps you find the perfect opponent for your training sessions on Valorant, CSGO, League of Legend, Rocket League and more games!

The Scrim platform is completely free!

Use a more structured way than Discord to plan scrims with other teams. And use the fully integrated Esports Planner calendar to plan other events too
Join Groups
Apply to private groups or join public groups of your skill level
Schedule in advance
Plan multiple scrims in advance to make sure to have an opponent
Receive Offers
Get a simple overview of all the scrim offers you receive from other teams
Google Calendar Integration
Add scrim events to your Google calendar automatically when you book one with an opponent
Pick your Timezone
Don't worry about different timezones, the scrim date is converted automatically to the one you choose

You want to migrate your current scrim group to Esports Planner?

Contact us and we will help you to create a scrim group on the site, and will assist you to be sure every team makes the transition without any issue
Siglave#9372 on Discord or [email protected]
Hello! I am Pierre/Siglave the founder of Esports Planner. If you need help or have a suggestion don't hesitate to DM me!
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