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🗓️ May 4th - EU server

📜 Description


  • Tournament format: Single elimination 5v5
  • Server: EU
  • Entrance fee: Free

Ban/Pick Order

Bans and picks have to be done in the Challengermode lobby chat.

  • The team on the left side of the Challengermode lobby starts by banning 1 map.
  • The team on the right side bans 1 map.
  • The team on the left side bans the final map.
  • The team on the right side picks the map to be played.
  • The team on the left side picks the starting side of their team (attacker/defender)


  • A game that has been played past the first rounds is deemed valid. If your game host starts with wrong settings you have to report it to admins before the beginning of the match.
  • Verify your results after the game in your lobby please, even if you lose.
  • You must follow the Ban/Pick Order!
  • Default settings are Cheats: OFF
  • If the server location can not be agreed upon then Frankfurt 1/2 should be played.

You can read our Anti-Cheat and General Rules in greater detail here.


If you encounter any issues, please contact the Challengermode Support Chat

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