Valorant MAYhem Tourney

🗓️ May 15th - NA server

📜 Description

Looking for some free cash? Battle it out in our BeyoByte Valorant Tourney for a chance to win $50!

Register now and lets frag out on the May 15!

Registration will close 3 hours prior to the event start time.

1st place team: $50

In order to have a prize, 8 or more teams must officially register for the event. If there are not enough teams, the event will be canceled.

Thank you for supporting us through this event and we hope that everyone will have a great time during the tournament. With your support, we are able to provide you guys with more events and tournaments.

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💰 Prize

50 USD For First Place Team

After the event has been completed, for those who are eligible for a prize, please

For any team/players to win a prize, there must be a minimum of # checked-in teams/players when the event starts. If there are not enough teams/players, the event will still be held, but no prize will be given.

Cash prizes will be paid out within 10 business days via only PayPal.

📋 Registration