Finally, a software management tool for Esports teams!

Esports Planner enables you to coordinate with your team around a single calendar. Plan your scrims, tournaments, and training

Plan the week with your esports team

Use the calendar and the different events to coordinate with your team more efficiently

Choose between event types

Select between four different types of event ( Scrim, tournament, training, and other). Each event type has its own color

Know at any time which scrim you need to book

The Scrim event comes in two different states "Booked" and "Not Booked" this it easier to know when you need to find an opponent

Register your opponent contact informations

Once you booked a scrim register your opponent's contact information, Esports Planner will store them for the future events

Select participants

Select the team members that need to be there for an event. Then they will be able to confirm if they can attend it or not

Share the calendar with your teammates

Once you setup your team on Esports Planner invite your teammates to give them access to the calendar

Stay on the same site to book your scrims!

With the Scrim platform you can find an opponent for your next training session without using another tool. That way every scrim you plan and book is visible on the Esports Planner calendar along with your other events!

Tired of sending a message to your teammates about your next event?

Invite the esports planner Discord bot to your server and receive reminders!
It will automatically post a message when an event from your calendar is coming.

Discord Bot

Receive notifications on your discord server before the event starts and choose when to receive them

Google Calendar integration

Esports planner can add your team events to a Google Calendar, this will make it easier to look at your next events on mobile

Synchronize absences with your teammates

Every member of your team can enter their personal absences for the week to come.
Then on the team calendar, everything is combined and displayed.

1 - Enter your absences

Select the date of your absence and the color with which it will be displayed on the team calendar.

2 - Display absences on team calendar

When an absence is added to the calendar, everyone from the team will be able to see it.

3 - Absences details

Click on an absence to know who is not available during the week.

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