Everything you need to manage your Valorant esports team.

Find tournaments and scrims for your team. And manage all team events in your dedicated calendar in one powerful management software.

πŸ—“οΈ Plan the week with your team.

Use the calendar to coordinate with your team more efficiently.

Calendar features

Add the event you want

Choose between four different types of event ( Scrim, tournament, training, and other). Each event type has its own color!

Select participants for each event

Every time a team event is added to the calendar your teammates can accept or decline it. That way you can check at all times who is available.

Don't miss any event

Use the toggle state on the scrim / tournament event to remind yourself if you booked it / confirm your participation.

Invite your teammates

Once you have added your team to Esports Planner, you can share the calendar with your teammates. Just ask them to create an account and send them an invite.

πŸ€– Tired of sending a message to your teammates about your next event?

Invite the esports planner Discord bot to your server to receive reminders!
It will automatically post a message when an event from your calendar is coming.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Share strategies, stats, and matches history with your esports team!

Enter your match history against your opponents and the site will automatically calculate your win rate per map and opponent.
Add your strategies to the Command Center to make them accessible for all your teammates.

🌴 Synchronize absences with your teammates.

Every member of your team can enter their personal absences for the week to come.
Then on the team calendar, everything is combined and displayed as dark-blue blocks.

βš”οΈ Manage your scrims more efficiently.

Create your scrim event, and share a unique link with other teams to let them book it with you.
Then accept or decline every proposal you receive.

View scrim you need to book in an instant.

Booked events are separated from the ones you need to fill. View each proposal you receive for each scrim.

Share your scrims with other esports teams.

With a unique link, other esports managers can send you proposals for the scrims you entered. We will alert you every time a team tries to book an event. Then just accept or decline the proposal.

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πŸš€ About us

Founder: Pierre "Siglave"

Hello! I am Siglave, the founder of Esports planner. I started in esports as a semi-pro in Starcraft 2.
Now, I am a web developer. I created Esports planner to help the community and combine my two passions.
My goal with this project is to help esports managers and teams in their journey.
If you have a suggestion or want to report a bug, don't hesitate to DM me ( Siglave#9372 on discord ) ;)